Cheryl’s Cookies Birthday Gift for Me

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Cheryl’s Cookies Birthday Gift for Me

Today is like my birthday. My family ordered these cookies for me. They all look very nice, and they are super sweet.

Most of them are soft cookies. Others are hard. I prefer soft cookies because of my teeth. I do not want to needlessly wear them down.

I want to avoid going to the dentist as much as possible. I wash my teeth every time I eat.

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There was a time I used to eat popcorn a lot. I stopped because the pieces would get stuck between my teeth.

Though, between you and me, I do miss eating popcorn sometimes. The boxes come with 3 different themes.

One is Halloween, the other just has apples and the last one is birthday unicorn themed.

It has some chocolates here and there. I do not like chocolate, but my family does. So, we got the boxes with the least amount of chocolates.

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I did not do anything special for my birthday. I bought a bunch of stuff, and we went down to eat some fish.

The weather is pretty mellowed out. I have been thinking of adding another BJD Doll to my collection. I think I will wait till Christmas.

I do not want to get into the habit of buying a BJD doll every month. It would truly put a major dent into my surplus.

Instead, I bought some doll dresses and a five books. They are going to be arriving today, hopefully.

I am feeling a little bit sleeping from the drive back from the keys. It has been forever since I played a video game I liked.

Maybe I am just not in a gamer type of mood. Anyhow, I hope you find this cookie blog amusing. Bye, Bye and God bless.

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