My New Doll Chateau Titania Fairy BJD Doll

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My New Doll Chateau Titania Fairy BJD Doll

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Today arrived my new Doll Chateau doll. She was in stock in Denver Doll Emporium. The dolly arrived pretty quickly. So, that is a plus, considering that this doll was an impulse buy.

The real name of the doll is Eunice. I needed a fairy doll to add to my collection. As of lately, I have been leaning towards fantasy themed dolls. The doll came with everything, except the body blushing.

Not that it matters much, since the outfit covers most of her body. The wings and the heels came painted, so that is fun. The position of the wings is quite intriguing. Dressing the new doll was a lot of fun.

artsy sister, doll chateau unboxing, bjd doll

The corsage was held together with strings. The neck frills came with buttons. This was good since I didn’t need to decapitate the doll to dress her. The wig has an interesting texture. I think it might be real human hair.

It is fun when dolls have real human hair. This time my brother named the doll. Titania seemed like a fitting name. Titania is the Queen of the Fairies in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night Dream.

The fairy seemed to have liked her name. She is a bit of a jokester. The folks in my house dreamed of the new doll doing standup comedy. In the dream world, her head was scrapping the roof.

 bjd instructional manual, infographics, artsy sister

Her wings kept knocking down all the wall art décor. As far as inspirational dolls, she seems quite inspired. The makeup around the eyes is quite peculiar. She has no eyebrows.

Not that it matters much since her hair covers most of her forehead. The shape of the eyes, and the tiny eyelashes work well for the design of the doll. The elf ears are also look rather lovely.

The fairy wings have plenty of mobility. I can pose the wings up or down, depending on what looks good on the photo. They can also move forward and backwards.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, doll chateau

Her limbs are not too tight, so their motion is a lot more fluid. Despite wearing heels, her feet are quite stable. The wings also work well for support. The blue color they have is really pretty. I also liked the eyeballs that came with the doll.

Her greenish, blue eyes have a bit of glitter inside of them. This makes them glow somewhat when I do flash photography. The installation of the eyes was as usual a difficult venture, but practice makes perfect.

I think they overall look very pretty. Then again, I have a preference for lighter eye color. I was actually born with green eyes, but then overtime they darkened to brown. This is more the pity.

artsy sister, doll chateau, fairy bjd

The outfit of the new doll has a lot of moth like fur to it. When combined with the wings, it completes the bug like look. The articulated fingers do everything they are supposed to.

It is part of the appeal of Doll Chateau dolls. The outfit itself has a lot interesting details here and there. I specially like the little blue roses sewn into her dress.

I hope you look forward to all the future photoshoots that will feature my new bjd doll Titania. For now, enjoy the unboxing and the dressing the doll photos I took. I also photographed the new doll with her Doll Chateau Sister.

 artsy sister, fairy bjd, doll chateau

This new doll actually came with an instructional manual, as if she was a type of gremlin. The manual tells you almost everything you need to know about the doll.

My one issue with it is that it doesn’t tell me if I can feed my doll after midnight. All joking aside, it is useful for novice bjd doll owners. It shows you how to restring the doll.

I took some photos of the manual. You can knock yourself out with reading through it. You might need to zoom in a lot.

 artsy sister, doll chateau eunice, doll chateau fairy

It is interesting to see how much the dolls have changed over the course of 4 years. My first Doll Chateau doll I bought her 4 years ago.

The certificate of authenticity now is made of paper, instead of metal. Not that I care much about this minor change.

All that matters to me is that doll looks amassing. As of now, I am still waiting on the Satyr doll. My mom bought the dolly for me last Christmas.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, fashion dolls

Good things come for those that wait. If you are not in a waiting mood, you can always browse through the in-stock items of your favorite BJD doll stores.

I do all my dolly shopping in Denver Doll Emporium, in Fabric Dolls and Friends, and in Dollmore. I think I have ranted enough about my new bjd doll.

 artsy sister, fairy bjd, doll chateau

I hope this helps you make an informed doll purchasing decision. Nah…I didn’t write this to inform you of anything.

Think of this blog like your show and tell scenario. Remember when you went to school to showcase your favorite toy?

 artsy sister, doll chateau, fairy bjd

Well, this is what my dolly blogs are all about. I want to share with the world my favorite toys.

I hope you have fun reading my latest dolly rant. Bye, Bye. Happy dolly hunting.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, doll chateau

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