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Last week, I made a new doll video. I worked really hard on the background. I wanted to make it about planetary magic. The background will also serve as the night scenes for the doll video. I will then change the foreground in order to take the dolls to different places. The painting was made in a project board. They are all like super cheap right now because school is closed. No kid is working on a science project right now. I bought about 4 in order to make the backgrounds for my doll videos. I spent about 10 bucks...

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The order of these paintings might seem a little bit on the nose. Now that I think about it, it is just a happy coincidence as all. As far as the subject matter is concerned, I wanted to do places I have not been to. As of lately, I have been practicing watercolor paintings. I like painting with watercolors. They are pretty easy for me to manage. I don’t have to wait forever for things to dry. As I work with them, I figure out new things. I also did a bit of acrylics on the side. Whenever I wanted...

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For the last month, I have been working a bit on my pouring paintings. I had already some pre mixed pouring paints.   Still, the paints said you needed to get some medium into them. The medium everyone online kept pointing to was floetrol.   I got myself a bottle of it to try it out. I can easily say that it was not my cup of tea. It had a compatibility issue with all my paints.   This sucked considering the fact that I had plenty of paints to choose from. I tend to get from a bunch of...

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This is going to be the last acrylic painting I am going to showcase for quite a bit. I have been focusing a bit more on the cat book and my new Stop Motion Youtube series. It is a nice change of pace as all. For that reason, I don’t have time to make a new acrylic painting. The only missing item is the Canvas. I could make some watercolor paintings. I still have a bit of watercolor paper. Most of my paintings tend to be a bit serial based. I am always trying to build up on an original...

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It has been a bit of a while since I made a nice floral painting. I just like trying new things around the edges. The floral itself is simple enough. I googled a bunch of flowers, and then I painted my own versions of them. The first florals I made had green backgrounds. As time went on, I tried other different types of backgrounds. I did golden this time in imitation of those medieval paintings. I just thought it made the florals pop. They are hanging up in a pretty high spot in my room. I have been making the...

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