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As you may already know, I do a bit of gardening on the side. While tending to my roses, I noticed a new bud. As it grew, the rose bud turned out to be pink. It formed a hybrid of my red rose, and my yellow rose. My yellow rose tends to turn white in her final stage. It is just so fun to see that the animal crossing way of producing hybrids worked in the real world for me. I hope you find these photos I took of my plants quite amusing. Below are some more photos of my...

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Today, I was in a flowery type of mood. Things could be better in my life around the edges. I am praying for someone to get good medical news. I did a Saint Prayer, and a Rosary too. True faith can move mountains, as all. I don’t doubt it. What you believe is none of my business. Other people’s belief should not be big businesses either. It was just like in Medieval Times. You can hurt a person a lot, but you really can’t change the way a person thinks. Belief comes from within, not from without. If it is...

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Today I heard of the best and the worse natures of people. I truly did wish to maintain a good disposition, but alas, it is no longer possible. Just try to bear with it, or just look at the photos and enjoy shopping for art supplies. For many weeks, I have been staying indoor. As I said before, my mother was accursed to go out into the real world. While working, a client douche came up to her and sneezed on top of her. He deliberately came to her, and as if it was a joke he sneezed on her....

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The quarantine in our home has been quite uneventful. Florida has gotten 100 cases of the virus, so now people can’t go out. I normally did not head out much, so the days have not changed much. I am still thinking about the next chapter in my book. The manga is progressing slow, but steady. During my spare time, I play Tropico 6 or watch El Sultan. Tropico was on discount, so it seemed like a good a time as any to get it. I am still waiting for Animal Crossing. The baby sunflowers have started to grow. We planted...

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The week was a bit uneventful. There was far more interesting things happening with the weather. It was rather windy, and it did a number in one of my sunflowers. The other ones are looking ok. The weather got a little bit cold around the edges. It rained so I was able to save on water. I have been editing my last book with my brother and mother. The new edition has a couple of more descriptions, and one or two things taken out. Everything is a work in progress. I decided to listen to my mother’s advice and I...

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