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Today, I was in a flowery type of mood. Things could be better in my life around the edges. I am praying for someone to get good medical news. I did a Saint Prayer, and a Rosary too. True faith can move mountains, as all. I don’t doubt it. What you believe is none of my business. Other people’s belief should not be big businesses either. It was just like in Medieval Times. You can hurt a person a lot, but you really can’t change the way a person thinks. Belief comes from within, not from without. If it is...

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Today I heard of the best and the worse natures of people. I truly did wish to maintain a good disposition, but alas, it is no longer possible. Just try to bear with it, or just look at the photos and enjoy shopping for art supplies. For many weeks, I have been staying indoor. As I said before, my mother was accursed to go out into the real world. While working, a client douche came up to her and sneezed on top of her. He deliberately came to her, and as if it was a joke he sneezed on her....

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The quarantine in our home has been quite uneventful. Florida has gotten 100 cases of the virus, so now people can’t go out. I normally did not head out much, so the days have not changed much. I am still thinking about the next chapter in my book. The manga is progressing slow, but steady. During my spare time, I play Tropico 6 or watch El Sultan. Tropico was on discount, so it seemed like a good a time as any to get it. I am still waiting for Animal Crossing. The baby sunflowers have started to grow. We planted...

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The week was a bit uneventful. There was far more interesting things happening with the weather. It was rather windy, and it did a number in one of my sunflowers. The other ones are looking ok. The weather got a little bit cold around the edges. It rained so I was able to save on water. I have been editing my last book with my brother and mother. The new edition has a couple of more descriptions, and one or two things taken out. Everything is a work in progress. I decided to listen to my mother’s advice and I...

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The photos I showcase today are not from my garden. I took the photos last year. We were staying in the Parrot Keys Hotel, and the place had a lot of cool looking vegetation. There was a nice pool that was climatized. The problem was that the climate it was mimicking belonged to the Artic. It was real cold around the edges. The thing I truly miss about the hotel was the pizza. I am so sick of the salad. Still, I must persevere, for the sake of us all. The job hunting seems to be progressing a bit. The...

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