Henna Acrylic Markers Drawing Blue Floral

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Henna Acrylic Markers Drawing Blue Floral

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I made two new henna tattoo inspired art. I just like the patterns of the henna tattoos. I used smootherpro acrylic markers to make these artworks. Acrylic markers are useful for painting on top of each other.

They have the same layering capabilities as traditional acrylics. So, if you make a mistake you can just paint over it. The first drawing features two flowers. Both have the same colors both arranged differently. 

One is also bigger than the other. I start from the center and then work my way outward. The second drawing features only one flower. I started with the lines in the bottom. Slowly, I drew the flower outward until I covered the paper.

I hope that you find my new drawings amusing. There is going to be a video of these artworks in my Artsy Sister Youtube and Tiktok. Please like and subscribe. My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye, and God bless.  

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