Ha Seol Swan Lake Dollmore Ballet Kid BJD Unboxing, Photoshoot and Stop Motion

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Ha Seol Swan Lake Dollmore Ballet Kid BJD Unboxing, Photoshoot and Stop Motion

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The limited doll I had preordered finally has arrived. She came with goodies as well. I ordered around February.

Most folks order stuff during the Fall and on December. There was a special sale during February, and that I why I ordered the doll.

For 330 bucks, she came out pretty amazing looking. It shows that you pay for what you get.

artsy sister, ha seol, dollmore ha seol

Anyhow, Ha Seol has a pretty silly name. The name is silly because the name is very close to the Spanish word Aseo.

artsy sister, ballerina shoes, handmade dolls

The word means to clean up. The thing you clean up is usually the house. I really do not know how to pronounce the name.

bjd doll, ballerina doll, white swan

I am probably going to botch it. I guess her stage name could be Odette. Tang Ge has a stage name too.

handmade doll, white swan, artsy sister

The English version is Ange. It is short for Angela. As for Ha Seol, I am already thinking up plenty of silly comedy gags.

artsy sister, dollmore, white swan

I am even coming up with a personality type for her. By now, all the dolls in Doll Theater have a persona, and a way of behaving.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, dollmore

I think Ha Seol would be silly if she had two alters. One would be Odette, the nice one, and the other is Odile.

 artsy sister, dollmore white swan, white swan

If you are not familiar with Odile, look it up. She is a secondary Antagonist of Swan Lake.

 artsy sister, teresita blanco, cute ballerina

The Swan Lake gets performed every so often. It has a couple of movies, both live action and animated.

 artsy sister cute ballerina doll, ballerina doll, artsy sister

If you are looking for an animated movie, Ozamu Tezuka did a pretty good Swan Lake. If you want a regular type of movie, see the Black Swan.

 artsy sister, white swan, cute ballerina

The Black Swan fuses both characters into one. It does the same thing with the evil wizard, and the prince character aka, the Romantic Interest.

artsy sister, white swan bjd, bjd doll

I first saw the Swan Lake when I was wee small. I saw the animated version in the Theater.

 artsy sister, ballerina dolls, handmade dolls

I have been meaning to see an actual performance of the Swan Lake, but then like the world decided to suck.

artsy sister, white swan, ballerina

Folks in power cannot leave well enough alone. I wish folks would spend more time creating nice things, like dolls.

 artsy sister, white swan, dollmore ha seol

I suppose some things cannot be helped. There is no point in dwelling in problems that you have absolutely no power to solve.

 artsy sister, dollmore ha seol, teresita blanco

This world situation reminds me a bit of the movie Melancholia, or maybe the movie V for Vendetta.

artsy sister, dollmore bjd, bjd dolls

Folks should see both movies together. It might just help make some sense of the overall world situation.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, bjd ballerina

I think this is enough doom and bloom. Now, back to the doll. The doll has a very nice face makeup.

 artsy sister, white swan ballerina, white swan dancer

She looks cute, and sweet. The makeup has a pretty good consistency. Despite being handmade, the doll I ordered matches pretty well the Dollmore product photos.

 artsy sister, dancer white swan, ballerina doll

As for the wig, I ended up liking better the brains downwards. It gives her a silly, infantile look. She is a real charming, darling little doll.

ballerina doll, artsy sister, teresita blanco

The box says that she is meant for doll collectors, ages 7 and up. I am older than 7, so, it is proper for me to get this silly doll.

artsy sister, ballerina jump, cute toys

The next thing worth mentioning about the BJD doll is the dress. It may look simple, but it has a lot of small moving parts.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, bjd ballerina

The skirt stays in its proper form. The head ornament was pretty nifty as well. Most of the clothing was real easy to put on.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, white swan photo

The feet looked like a ballerina standing on her tippy, toes. The shoes took about an hour to put on.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, cute toys

This is normal for most ballerina shoes. Any ballet dancer will tell you plenty of horror stories about their ballet shoes.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, white swan

The hands are designed in the proper pose. They are pointing inward. The fellow who made this doll definitely knows a lot of ballet.

artsy sister, white swan doll, ballerina dolls

As far as a ballet poses, the doll stand helped a great deal. Since the doll stand has a black color, it can fade into the background, more or less.

artsy sister, white swan, ballerina bjd

It also helps that I mask it a bit with a gray cloth. To give the stand extra support, I used a heavy box of Dominos.

cute ballerina, ballet, handmade dolls

This helped me take a photos of the ball jointed doll jumping.  The final and most important thing to mention is Ha Seol’s joints.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, ballerina dancer

The ball jointed doll is a true bjd doll. Her limbs are held together with elastics. They have a nice, stiff quality about them.

artsy sister, bjd doll, ballerina doll

I can make plenty of nice, fluid movements. After taking the photos, I have a decent idea as to what I plan to do with the Stop Motion video.

artsy sister, bjd doll, handmade doll

I usually do a photoshoot, before doing my first stop motion video with a new doll. Handling the ball jointed doll in the photoshoot gives me a decent idea to her move set.

 artsy sister, cute toys, bjd dolls

From then, I can just brainstorm the video. Depending on how things go, the Stop Motion video might be up and about on either Wednesday or Thursday.

artsy sister, handmade doll, handmade bjd

As far as the stop motion video is concerned, I am going to embed it on this blog. It is going to be there, along with the unboxing video.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, dollmore ballet kid

Then again, this might make it a bit of a long picture blog. Who cares? My brother did a good job optimizing my website for speed.

 artsy sister, ballerina dolls, dollmore

So, it should not take long to see the 50 something photos I took of the new doll. In most of my photoshoots, I start with one lonesome little doll.

artsy sister, ballerina dolls, handmade doll

The Dollmore Doll has already met her sisters. I took one family photo of all the dolls together. I had recently changed up the look of two of them.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, dollmore dolls

I had ordered two new doll wigs, and they arrived a week before Ha Seol.

 artsy sister, cute dolls, ballerina doll

Before I forget, I wanted to thank Dollmore for making and sending me such a lovely doll.

artsy sister, dollmore ballet kid, handmade dolls

I also wanted to thank Dollmore for sending me the 2 extra pairs of ballerina shoes, the nice black wig, the pins, the cute mask and the second pair of undies for the dolly.

artsy sister, dollmore ballet kid, cute dolls

All in all, I hope that my visitors find amusing the dolly photos I took.

artsy sister, white swan, ball jointed doll

This year has not gotten any better, but a new ball jointed doll is the pick me up I was looking for.

artsy sister, cute ballerina, dancer dolls

If you are pondering about the price of the doll, it was about 330 bucks. It was a pretty good deal all things considered, and I got extra items as well.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, cute dolls

The black wig is going to be real useful when I get around to changing Ha Seol into her Odile form.

artsy sister, cute little dolly, dollies

Well, this seems like a long enough blog.

artsy sister, cute little dancer, ballerina dancer

It is like super late on my end.

artsy sister, cute ballerina, cute nice

I am going to call it a night, and then upload the photos tomorrow.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, dollmore kid

I try to write enough information to have a little something under each of the photos.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, ballerina dancer

For the photos, I used a reference book called The Art of Movement.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, ballerina doll

It game me some decent ballet poses ideas.

Artsy Sister, Teresita Blanco, bjd dolls

Ha Seol was able to mimic a good portion of the poses I saw in the book. Well, this is the Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister.

 artsy sister, ballerina dancer, ballet dolls

Over and Out. I changed the banners a bit on the website. It is fun to change up the look, from time to time. I need to get my brother to code Ha Seol into the front page of Artsy Sister.

artsy sister, ballerina doll, bjd doll unboxing

She is a new dolly staff member after all. I am going to go to sleep now, cause I am very hungry and I am dieting. Good night, Bye, Bye, and God bless.

 artsy sister, ballerina bjd, ball jointed dolls

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