My New Dearmine BJD Doll Inanis

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My New Dearmine BJD Doll Inanis

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Today arrived the new BJD doll I ordered. It is my first kitty cat bjd doll. I bought her from Denver’s Doll Emporium.

The exact model type is Dearmine Vivien le Festin. Dearmine is a Korean BJD Doll making company.

They mostly specialize on making animal themed ball jointed dolls. The doll was in stock in and I just had to have her.

artsy sister, bjd doll, dearmine

There was only one of her in the store, so I had to take my opportunity to get the dolly. I am not big on Pre-Ordering stuff.

I am not the most patient of fellows. The one I got was the complete set. It was roughly 600 bucks, but she is going to be the last bjd doll I buy this year.

I figured I might as well make her an early Christmas present to myself. With this doll, I am officially up to 9 BJD Dolls in my collection.

Once the dragon doll arrives, I am going to have 10 dolls in total in my collection. As of lately, I have been leaning towards animal type of dolls.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, fashion dolls

I have a fox and a cat, and soon I will have a dragon. Dragons are just precious, aren’t they? Kitty cats are also fun as well.

As much as I like cats, I have moved past the whole pet phase. I do not like to live in function of another living creature.

At most, I can only look after plants. Moving along, I gave my cat doll the name Inanis.

It means emptiness, or vain. I thought it was a fun name for a kitty cat. Cats are usually full of themselves.

I also like how the name sounds. One of my characters from my book, The Sacred Mask, is named Inanis.

 bjd, artsy sister, dearmine

In my book, the fluid armor Inanis in her noncombat form takes the shape of a kitty cat.  When she is on standby mode, she pranks people.

Her pranks involved jumps scares, and passing behind them to make the place feel a little bit haunted.

Anyhow, I hope you find amusing why I named the kitty cat doll Inanis. The doll herself holds poses quite well.

The body of the model is pretty light. Dressing the doll was an interesting project.

artsy sister, bjd doll, photoshoot

The hardest part was putting on the corsage. After struggling with it, I used a red ribbon and a pin.

The flower pin looks rather nice on the doll. It is something I had lying around. The tail and ears are magnetic.

The eyes are the most interesting detail of the doll. They have a way of just popping out.

 artsy sister, dearmine, bjd

Since they are slit eyes, I had to be careful when putting them on. They have to maintain the vertical orientation, otherwise the eyes look weird.

The wig has a lovely texture. Once I got her dressed, I took some preliminary photos.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, toys

I have a photoshoot of her planned. The first one is going to feature her alone. The other with company.

On the meantime, enjoy the first couple of photos I took of my new ball jointed doll.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, photoshoot

This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. For future dolls, I want to keep them looking quite different from one another.

So, I probably will not get a second kitty cat bjd doll. The next type of doll I am looking for is a nice fairy doll.

 artsy sister, dearmine vivien, bjd photoshoot

I also need to add a cute vampire to mix. Vampires are always fun. I also want a doll with nice anime looking eyes.

I also like the idea of getting a bunny doll as well. Bunnies are ever so adorable.

 artsy sister, bjd, cute dolls

So many dolls I want to get, so little money in my bank account. Boohoo! I guess I will just have to wait for time to pass.

artsy sister, bjd, photoshoot

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