My New BJD Doll Gregory

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My New BJD Doll Gregory

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About two months ago, I pre-ordered a doll. It is like taking forever, and so I ordered this doll.

 I am not the most patient of ball jointed doll owners. It is for this reason that I usually buy what is in stock.

artsy sister, fashion doll, handmade doll

Anyhow, I had recently noticed that Fabric Dolls and Friends had put up this handsome elf.

artsy sister, handmade doll, fashion doll

It was the full set and everything, including the body blushing. I buzzed about a bit trying to convince myself to wait for the doll I had pre-ordered.

 artsy sister, dream valley elias, handmade doll

I tried to convince myself that I did not like the doll or that I could not afford him. In the end, I caved in.

 artsy sister, dream valley elias, handmade  bjd

So, my sweet Gregory is officially my first impulsive bjd doll buy. He is also the first guy ball jointed doll I got.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, fashion doll

He is taller than all the other maiden dolls. He is about 10 centimeters taller. The box was very big and heavy.

artsy sister, fashion bjd, handmade doll

Despite this, the doll came with the head detached. He was just that tall of a fellow. I made like a short unboxing video.

 artsy sister, dream valley, teresita blanco

It gives you the gist of everything you need to know about the doll. The thing that is not conveyed in the video is the weight of the doll.

dream valley elias, bjd doll, bjd

Despite looking so skinny, he like weights a ton. Well… not that much. I tend to exaggerate a bit. It is something I learned in the old country. Moving along.

artsy sister, dream valley elias, bjd doll elf

Before I forget, the Doll was made by Dream Valley. They are in the middle of making the KAD I pre-ordered from Denver Doll Emporium.

artsy sister, dream valley, bjd doll

I know that good things come to those who wait, but I am like terrible at waiting. As for KAD, well, it is short for Kick-As-Dragon. Dragons are fun.

artsy sister, bjd doll, bjd elf

I also like cats… but, dragons always take precedence. Aside from Dream Valley’s KADs I have been looking at their cool mermaids.

Still, I only have patience for one Pre-Order at a time. There is also a lot of financial woes to consider.

 artsy sister, fashion doll, bjd elf

Alas, there are some things that cannot be helped. Moving along, the doll also had the body blushing.

The blushing was added to the torso, and all 5 of his limbs, wink, wink. I sometimes laugh at my own jokes. Moving along, the clothing was of fine quality.

artsy sister, dream valley doll, dream valley elias

The pants fitted quite nice. It was all a perfect fit, Puttin on the Ritz. The belt gave me a bit of a hard time, when it came to installing it. Still, I think it looks more or less like the picture.

The necklace and cape was set with pin. The last thing worth mentioning is the face makeup. There is a certain glistering quality about it. It is only noticeable if you take a closeup photo with the flash.

 artsy sister, teresita blanco, photoshoot bjd

His face makeup reminds me a bit of those flashy Twilight vampires. The eyes look really pretty. They are ash pink color. The pink only comes out with the flash.

The eyes where said to be of a random color. I am glad I got a nice pair of eyes. The installation of the eyes was uneventful enough. It came with some gummy stuff to install it.

The final thing worth mentioning about the Full Set is the hair. The hair was a particular blond, white color. It suits him rather well. The original name of the doll was Elias.

artsy sister, fashion doll, dream valley sd elias full set

I decided to change his name. He came with an interesting tag. I forgot to photograph it. It appears in the unboxing video. I think it is his certificate of authenticity.

The tag was his introduction. He referred to his new owner as master. I had to name him, and give the doll a birthday. I erased the word master and changed it for friend.

If the silly elf needs a piece of fabric to be free, he already has a tiny pin that is keeping his cape attached. I don’t really like the whole master thing. I know it is like super popular because of Black Butler.

artsy sister, fashion bjd doll, dream valley elias

I think the tag should have said friend. Anyhow… I named the doll Gregory. His original name Elias was a bit too Biblical for my taste. In Spanish, Elias is the name of a prophet.

English speakers know Elias as Elijah. I think Gregory is a nice name. I like the name Gregory a lot. It is also the name of the cool Red Dragon from Dragon’s Dogma.

As you can tell, I like dragons a lot. I also like dolls too. So, like today I got around to doing the first photoshoot of the doll. I was not going for any particular flavor to it.

artsy sister, ball jointed doll, fashion doll

I was just posing him to see the types of mobility of his limbs. It is an important preliminary step before trying out stop motion. The legs have pretty good stability.

The fellow can stand on his own without needing support. This is not to say that he cannot tip over. It is just a balancing act with his feet. He was designed to have pretty big feet.

This is useful for him to stand on his own. I tried different standing poses and reclining poses as well.  I also took a closeup photo of his feet for all you Quentin Tarantino movie fans.

artsy sister, dream valley, fashion doll

I think the first mini photoshoot came out pretty decent. With all my new dolls, the first photoshoot is done with just one doll. Group photos require a lot more forethought.

Still, here is a photo of the ball jointed doll Gregory with his new dolly sisters. Age wise, he is technically the little brother of the doll family. The photos where taken with my trusty Fujifilm Camera.

 artsy sister, dream valley elias, fashion bjd

I have used the same camera for like the last 8 years. The zooming in and out sounds like it needs a bit of greasing. The unboxing video came out a bit shorter than I had planned.

The long and short of it is that I did not have a lot of time to make a more elaborate unboxing video. I just kept it simple, and to the point. I wanted to have the doll assembled before heading out.

artsy sister, dream valley elias, bjd elf

I thought he would be feeling claustrophobic inside his coffin of a box. I tend to have an affinity for inanimate objects. Like Ashley, I think he is a little bit haunted. Just a little bit.

artsy sister, handmade doll, elf bjd

From time to time, he would give a small kick… or maybe it was the strings. When the dolls are not working in doll theater, or in a photoshoot they chill in their seat watching TV or they play Video Games.

artsy sister, fashion bjd doll, dream valley elias

The new doll really fills up the doll couch. I am going to have to think of a new sitting arrangement, if I continue with my new bjd doll collection habit.

dream valley elias, handmade doll, teresita blanco

If I had plenty of money to spend on dolls, I would have also gotten Elias’ brother as well.

artsy sister, fashion bjd doll, dream valley

There are a lot of cool dolls from Dream Valley that I like. The fairies are also cool as well.

artsy sister, dream valley elias, fashion doll

Doll Chateau one time had a cool looking fairy model as well.

teresita blanco, dream valley elias, fashion doll

All the dragon designs are cool, but you can already guess that I like anything that is draconic.

artsy sister, fashion bjd doll, handmade doll

I also like the mermaids too.

artsy sister, fashion bjd doll, handmade doll

Well, this is about it as far as my nonsense is concerned.

artsy sister, fashion bjd doll, dream valley bjd

I hope that you like this little photoshoot, and learning about my new doll Gregory.

elf bjd, fashion doll, cute

He is an obligate carnivore, or so he says.

artsy sister, fashion bjd, cute dolls

If he was vegan, he would not have abs.

artsy sister, fashion bjd doll, dream valley bjd

It is going to be difficult to do a guy voice, but I am going to try my best.

artsy sister, handmade doll, fashion doll

There is a like 100 percent chance that I am going to mess it up.

artsy sister, dream valley, fashion bjd

Well, he already looks girly enough.

artsy sister, fashion doll, cute toys

So, if he gets a girly voice in my Doll Theater video, it might make sense.

artsy sister, fashion bjd doll, handamde doll

There are some things that cannot be helped.

artsy sister, fashion doll, solar system

I run that entire Doll Theater by myself.

artsy sister, fashion bjd doll, handmade doll

If the dolls could speak, it would be creepy, but timesaving during the production of the video.

artsy sister, fashion bjd, handmade doll

Now, I am sounding crazy. Have fun folks. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, Bye, and God bless.  

artsy sister, family photo, doll family

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