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Today arrived my new BJD doll. It is a little bit early for my birthday, but it works just fine for me. I was a little worried at first because she was worth an arm and a leg.

artsy sister, bjd doll,doll chateau

It would have sucked had the package gotten stolen. Anyhow, I have been really good this year, and so my birthday came early. 

artsy sister,bjd doll,red hair

The doll is called Ashley. My brother and my mother bought her for me.

It was a half and half type of deal. I got her from Fabric Friends and Dolls. They are a BJD doll vendor that operates in the US.

artsy sister,bjd doll,doll

Their physical world store is closed, but they still take online purchases.

artsy sister,bjd doll,red hair

They were within my general quadrant so the shipping was not too expensive. The doll itself was made by Doll Chateau. They make very skinny, weird looking bjd dolls.

artsy sister,bjd doll,cute doll

At least, they look weird to my mother. I find them amusing. Anyhow, the doll I got was themed after a chess knight piece.

artsy sister,bjd doll,cute

The packaging itself was decent enough. Still, when the doll arrived, she was like contorted in a weird fashion.

artsy sister,bjd doll,red hair

She had quite a trip. As soon as the doll arrived, the problems began. The biggest problem I had was the eyes. They did not come installed, which was like a real pain.

artsy sister,bjd doll,cute toy

I had never installed bjd doll eyes. Putting the eyes on the doll took like an hour. It was just real hard, because I had to look for something to make the eyes stick inside the head.

artsy sister,bjd doll,red hair

I ended up using some sticky stuff that came with the Diamond Painting kit.

artsy sister,bjd doll,cute doll

Anyhow, after struggling with the eyes, I was able to move onto other aspects of installing the bjd doll.

artsy sister,bjd doll,cute

The following thing I had to figure out was her silly outfit. I googled the picture of the doll, and tried to match the look. The first thing I putted on the doll were the socks.

artsy sister,bjd doll,red hair

They were perfect fits, and so they do not slide down. The following thing I added was the under skirt. It was nice to see that all the parts of the dress did not have Velcro.

artsy sister,bjd doll,cute

The bjd doll used buttons. It was so hard to put on the dress, that I am not going to be changing her look, at all. She looks fine as is. After figuring out the dress, I had to work with the sleeves.

artsy sister,bjd doll, cute toy

The sleeves also worked with the button system. They took a bit to button, but they are tight as all. With the sleeves secured, I moved onto the final installation of the doll.

It was time to put on the wig. The wig fitted in nicely. It was a good thing that the head was secured with magnets. It even had a weird button or round stuff in the back of the head.

I should have taken a photo of it, but I don’t want to bother about it. Ah, yes. I want to mention the shoes as well. They were pretty nicely made. They provided good support of the tiny feet, and they looked overall nicely.

Due to the string nature of the doll, it is a bit hard to make her stand on her own. It also doesn’t help that the orbs of her back ribbon mess with her balance. Other than that, the rest of the doll is in tip top shape.

artsy sister, bjd doll,red hair

I can see were all the money went to in the making of the doll. The original doll from the picture came with a chess piece as a hat. I got the one without the silly hat.

It came with some feathers too. The feathers were part of the chess piece. I ended up attaching them to the back of her head with a tiny doll pin, that says queen.

All in all, I am brainstorming photography ideas with the silly doll. For now, she is just going to sit in the toy couch to see TV with me. On a side note, my mother seems to think that the little doll is possessed or something.

When the doll was without eyes, brother took a weird photo of the doll. It made the hollow of her eyes glow. The reason behind it was that the back of her head was opened.

artsy sister,red hair,cute toy

Frankly, the hardest aspect was installing the eyes. Anyhow, mother putted on the cross of the doll some  holy water to ward away the bad spirits. I think this is about it as far the new doll is concerned.

I hope you find her as amusing as I find her. Ashley by now has been discontinued. She came out last year, but some of the affiliates of the Doll Chateau still have the item in stock.

The vendors of the doll can be found in the Doll Chateau store. I am still not at the level to do first party suppliers. I will get to things, when I get to things. On the meantime, I hope you enjoy what Artsy Sister has to offer.

I took a bunch of photos of the doll as well. I also documented the unboxing a bit. I should have taken a video, but the photo is fine as all.

I have been thinking of painting the tiny nails of the doll, but I will get to it when I get to it. I first need to think of a color combination.

artsy sister,bjd doll,red hair

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