My Third BJD Doll Mein Dolly, Dolly, Dolly

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My Third BJD Doll Mein Dolly, Dolly, Dolly

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Mein is very different from Bebe. I am not one to change the names of the dolls. It is as if you change the name of some random brat you meet, like in the Simpsons. Mein was a bit problematic to get. The person who made the doll left Bonanza. I had just given her the money, through paypal.

I was not certain if the doll was coming or not. Since we did not heard of the vendor, we started the progress of getting the money back. Eventually, the doll did arrive. We could have easily pretended not to have gotten the doll, and kept the money. We decided not to because we are not douches.

A person did that to us once, on Ebay, and ever since then we no longer sell there. That website does not like protecting the vendors. Their thieving costumers are the worse scums of the Earth. It is not the item itself, nor the value of it. It just has to do with the frequency of it.

And so, a small crime, swells up to a giant mass of pain. Even when they have the money to pay for something they choose not to. They are the reason why small businesses never seem to catch a break. The big guys can bounce back easily, but it is a different story for the little people.

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I could go on a rant, but this story is about little Mein. Mein came with her pretty kimono, and cute stars on her face. She was a tad, on the expensive side, but made of fine quality as well. She eventually arrived by early December. Like Bebe, I made for her a pretty dress for the summer.

Her hands rotate well, which is fun. She also came with extra hands. I was going to try to change up her hands, but then I decided not to. I saw online how to do so, but I did not have the proper tool. I also worried about messing up the doll for good, and so I erred in the side of cation.

Mein is a lot of fun, and also a bit more mobile. Still, she kinda defeats the purpose of the whole Ball jointed doll thing. They are supposed to be taller than the average doll. Of all my dolls, she is the one mother likes the best. These days I deal more with little dolls than with people.

Even now, this late at night, they sit beside me, and quietly root for me to write something that is not boring. I rather be a bad writer, than a boring writer. Even terrible writing is great, as long as it is entertaining to read.

I think this enough on my little dolls. The dresses they are wearing in these pictures are the ones I made with my mother. I might get around to making more, but for the time being, it is good enough.  

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