My New Dream Valley BJD Doll Lazuli

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My New Dream Valley BJD Doll Lazuli

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I recently bought this new BJD Doll. It was made by Dream Valley. The original maker of the doll called him Mahiru, but I like better the name Lazuli.

I decided to take some photos to show you the unboxing experience. I ordered it from Denver Doll Emporium.

The doll arrived pretty quickly, which was a good thing. I have been eyeing this doll for a bit. I have come to realize that I am not a pre-order type of person. I tend to get like super impatient during the waiting process.

bjd doll unboxing, unboxing, artsy sister

I am still waiting for the arrival of my KAD. The doll is going to get here, when she gets here. I think I will probably see my dragon doll for Christmas.

Anyhow, I was looking at this fox doll, playing the waiting game. I wanted to get the doll for my birthday, which is coming up.

It was then when I saw that there was only one fox doll left. I then decided to impulse buy the doll. I work pretty hard for my things.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, cute fox

I deserved a little treat. The doll came with the face and foxy makeup. He is really cute. It also included the entire outfit set, the wig, the ears and the large tail.

There was an additional item that I got. The doll included an extra nether region. It included that for the eventuality that you get tired of having a fox.

You can then turn him into a normal boy. The ears are magnetic. The giant fox tail is held together by elastics. The coloring on the tail was pretty cool.

 artsy sister, unboxing bjd doll, dream valley bjd

The body did not have blushing, but that was fine. He looks ok, without it. The dressing up part was also interesting. It took a bit to set up the red strings.

The outfit does not use any Velcro, and I can tell that it is of fine quality. This is the second Dream Valley guy doll I get.

 artsy sister, dream valley bjd, handmade bjd

I went for a blue fox because foxes are fun. I have liked foxes ever since I read the book The Little Prince. The kid had a cute little fox, as a friend.

After brainstorming for a bit, I decided to name the new doll Lazuli, like Lapis Lazuli. It seems like a proper name for a blue fox.

 artsy sister, fashion bjd, handmade bjd

The eyes of the doll are barely noticeable. This gives him a fun, scheming, disdainful look. I also like the extra little bit of hair he has on his wig.

All in all, he is a fun new addition to the bjd doll family. I have a solo photoshoot for him planned in the future.

artsy sister, bjd dolls, unboxing

Enjoy the first new photos I took of him alone, and together with his new friends.

I also photographed him with the other BJD Doll I have from Dream Valley. He is sitting there, with his big brother Gregory. All in all, I hope that this little blog brightens your day.

 artsy sister, bjd dolls, handmade dolls

I published a new book called My Sweet Vampire Candice. The publisher is now working on the print version of the book.

Once that is done, I will make the promo for it. For now, enjoy my latest dolly blog. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, Bye and God bless.

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