My Second BJD Doll Bebe Dolly Dolly

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My Second BJD Doll Bebe Dolly Dolly

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The second doll in my collection is called Bebe. I call her Dolly, Dolly. My mother calls her the ugly duckling, of the trio. There is something about her face mother doesn’t like. I don’t really get it. Anyhow, I got this little doll last year. Last year was a real good year for the family.

I was making progress with the books, we had gone on vacations to the Florida Keys, and there was something that resembled a surplus in the bank account. Anyhow, for my birthday, I asked my brother for a new doll. After looking through the dolls, I chose one among several candidates.

Brother looked at the price, and he asked if that was the doll I really wanted. Since he is a computer dude, he noted my search history, and he saw that I had spent more time looking at Bebe, than all the other dolls. She was 20 bucks more expensive.

In the end, he told me to pick the one that I truly wanted, because it was my birthday as all. In addition to the doll, I also got some art supplies. Unlike Dollchan, Bebe came in her box. Her hair was straight as well. The wig was the hardest thing to put on.

It is part of the reason why I only change Elvira’s hair. I was half worried about decapitating the poor thing. It was a real pain indeed. The instructions were no help at all. Aside from the hair, the doll came with her dress, and shoes, with the socks. The shoes were a little big for the doll.

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They kept falling off. The nature of this doll also makes it impossible for her to stand on her own, which was a bit unexpected. Elvira and Mein can stand up, just fine. This one not so much. It is all minor details, here and there.

Bebe is still a respectable doll, indeed, though in the human world, she would be considered to be paralytic. Here I go anthropomorphizing my dolls. That was a word, like super hard to spell. Well, I did not really spell it correctly. Thank God, for auto correct. It makes writing somewhat tolerable. I find it humoring that her eyes are a different shade of blue.

None of the dolls have matching set of peepers, and even the wigs have varying lengths and textures. As far as dresses goes, Bebe only has her original attire. I recently made her a dress, together with the help of my mother. We were all bored at home due to the obvious reasons, and so we ripped an old shirt and made silly dresses.

When I was making Elvira’s I made a mistake, and it made it impossible for her to remove the dress. I fixed the problem by changing the thread for a ribbon. All the dresses are changeable, which is useful for a fashion doll. Each one was made somewhat differently. It was a fun way to pass the time.

Since I was little, I wanted to get into the whole sewing nonsense. I finally got some hands on practice. For an attempt, the attires did not come out half bad; even if the sewing machine was not cooperating. The main small details were done by my hand.

It took a couple of hours, but the dresses finally looked like a dresses. It is always important to try new things, and not be afraid to ask for help, when you get stuck. That is what good parents are useful for. If you have bad parents, then ask a stranger, or something, maybe your grandma?

This is about it, as far as Bebe is concerned. She doesn’t say much. She just sits there, quietly judging you. Now, I am starting to sound like a crazy person. Don’t you find that amusing? Anyhow, I think this is enough of my nonsense. Now, onto the last of my pretty dolls.

bjd doll,fashion doll,artsy sister

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