About my First BJD Doll Elvira Dollchan

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About my First BJD Doll Elvira Dollchan

Elvira is the first bjd doll I ever had. I got her for my birthday about three years ago. I was going through like a weird bored phase. This was before I started with the Artsy Sister Website. Anyhow, I was looking online for a nice looking doll when I ran into Ball Jointed Dolls.

I studied the price of the doll for weeks. I was between this one, and her brunette sister. In the end, I went for the blonde, blue eyes bjd doll. After making my purchase, then began the waiting game. As with most handmade things, I had to sit there and wait.

By the time the doll arrived, I had already forgotten what I had ordered. This doll did not come in a box. She was in her dress, wrapped in plastic, already dressed. The main delivery box was a bit bent, but at least the doll arrived more or less in one piece.

For the first year, she sat by my side while I played the Bloodborne. The game is a lot easier if you have a BJD doll by your side. It was then when mother started complaining about the doll taking her place in the couch. Now the doll sits, in her own dedicated cushioned chair.

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She is usually there whenever I take photos of her for be website. I don’t quite remember when I came up with the idea of using the doll to sell art supplies. I had already gotten a big enough catalog of items. My brother suggested taking nice photos of items I owned, that matched the inventory.

And so, I went from Artsy’s Choice, to the website that is Artsy Sister today. Over the years, Dollchan has gotten different outfits, and wigs. Still, her main blonde hair will always be a personal favorite. I don’t know why I like blonde hair. Perhaps, it is because I never had such a hair color.

I could paint it like my mother, but it would be unhealthy for me, all things considered. I prefer not to strain my health for cosmetic reasons. This is why you would never see me in a plastic surgery type of place, except to help them with website nonsense.

That was all a long time ago, and an annoying story not worth repeating. Needless to say, when I completed the website, I was out of a job. All employers think they have a daughter or a cousin, who does SEOs, and can do what I do for free.

They never get far. It is because of that nonsense that I gave up on trying to find a day job. As a maiden, the chances of getting a chance in the IT department are rather low. I don’t look the part because I don’t fit the stereotype that you are all familiar with.

Also, the last time I tried to get job, the whole plague thing started. It was a sure thing, at a hospital of all places. God, has bigger plans for me, and he doesn’t want me looking for a day job.

artsy sister,bjd doll,fashion doll

And so, in accordance to his will, I will work on my little website, and I will tend to my dolls and write my silly books. As that saying goes, if you do what you love, the money will flow. I am still waiting for that flow.

Anyhow, this is the story of how I got Elvira. She sleeps beside me, at night, as she rests on the other pillow. She reminds me a bit of one of the last dolls I got from my dead father.

She too had nice blonde hair, and blue eyes. As with most childhood things, the doll got left behind. She stayed back in Cuba. The day I was to leave, I could not find the doll anywhere. It was like super annoying, and I am still peeved about it.

My favorite book was also nowhere to be found either. The spirit of that old doll, and what she represents will live on in Elvira. I hope you find this information about my silly doll quite entertaining.

artsy sister,bjd doll,fashion doll

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    Ilove this doll…tks for sharing.

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