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I was thinking of taking new doll photos. I recently made a little short video telling folks about what I like about BJD dolls. You can see it in the Youtube. Moving along, this blog focuses more on my dolly photographs. I wanted to take photos with the new backgrounds. With photos, I focus more on the angles. Stop motion is a little bit harder to manage. At least with photos, I can get a little bit creative with the character arrangement. Most dolls cannot slowly transition from one pose to another.   My Ashley is specially uncooperative. The elastics...

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Today, we spent the time working in the garden a bit. I only went indoors just now because of the dizziness. It is like super-hot in South Florida. It is enough to melt one’s brains. Anyhow, I saw this butterfly on my new sunflower and so I took a photo. Sunflowers are just precious. I have a couple of new saplings sprouting here, and there. Soon, I might have new tomato plants. When a tomato gets ruined by the birds the hawks missed, I usually just cut it on half and burry it in the dirt. Give it enough time,...

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Mother recently got her tax refund. With a small portion of it, we decided to give the front garden a bit of an upgrade. Most of the plants were bug infested or just plain dead. It was time for a change. Anyhow, mom was making most of the decisions of the front garden. I usually mess around the vegetable patch. It is a bit of a chaotic mess, but it produces tomatoes so no one cares. While shopping around a bit, I saw the prettiest rose there ever was. I decided that the garden needed a new rose. One of...

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My doll is holding the first strawberry that has been born in my garden. Well, it is at least the first strawberry that is big enough to warrant being harvested. It looks real nice, and juicy. I recently added strawberries to the garden. It is all a work in progress. A couple of tomatoes also came in. They are looking quite handsome indeed. Still, I am mainly more of a tomato person, than a strawberry person. Still, it is something that we buy every so often. For that reason, I decided to try to grow my own strawberries. Hopefully, I...

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This pet store themed video is based on a terrible visit I had one time to a particular pet store in the US. The prices were too high. Nobody in their right mind should give 1000 bucks for a dog. A horse maybe, but a dog never. In the old country, animals were a lot cheaper. I am talking about good quality animals, like cocker Spanials. Not that it matters much. If folks be willing to pay an arm and a leg for a status symbol, then go ahead. Most folks who I have met that own expensive pets just...

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