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Today I felt like doing a nice photoshoot of my first bjd doll. She was also the first doll I bought in like forever. Before getting into collection BJD Dolls, I had a small Barbie collection I gave away to some kid. I had a lot of storage issues back in the old apartment. Now, I actually have room to get stuff. I recently added a display case for my BJD dolls. For the time being, I only have a new pre-order doll coming this way. I expect her by Christmas time. Now, it is time to focus on the...

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I decided to only do a bjd doll photoshoot per week. I have been writing a lot lately, so I need to use my time wisely. Then again, it is not as if I have due dates. As of lately, I have been writing a lot of nonsense.   I hope that some of it might be good. If not, then who cares? I write for my own amusement.   As of lately, I have been reading a boring book about the life of Van Gogh. It is educational.   It is useful for keeping my brain from rotting. This...

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Today I felt like doing a little photoshoot. It features my bjd doll Inanis in a pretty black dress. I decided to take different photos of her. I tried different wig combinations to do a little bit of variety. I tried to keep things simple.   The poses are the only thing that I prioritized. In the first photo, I photographed the doll without a wig.   If you remove the wig, she looks more like a cat. The other photos feature the cat with a silver and red wig.   For the background, I used the moon for a...

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I finally got around to getting a place to set up my dolls. I do not do photoshoots a lot. The dolls need a place to hang out when they are not at work. This seemed like a good idea as far as room décor.   The couch where the dolls normally hang out was running out of room. I have about 3 other dolls that are going to be arriving next year.   There is no longer space for them in the sitting couch. In the shelf, I putted a few of the pillows in order to prop up...

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This is the final Xmas photoshoot for the time being. Christmas is already here already. I figured it was a good a time as any to upload the last photos I took. For Christmas, I ordered me a new bjd doll from Dollmore, a few outfits and a wig. Wigs are idea for changing the look of the doll.   I ended up getting a nice little vampire looking bjd doll. It was within my spending budget.   The year is almost over, and it seems like 2022 is not going to get any better. What is important is that...

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