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The year 2020 is almost over. It started pretty nicely, and then everything went sour. Sometimes they lift you up, in order to smack you against the floor with great speed. After January, things have been pretty hectic, and sometimes intolerable. With the staying at home nonsense, I got a couple of new books published here and there. I also started doll theater. I have been getting a little better with Doll Theater as time progresses. Some skits are good, and others are ok. It is all a matter of straying creative. I think for next year, I am going...

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A couple of hours ago, Florida had a little Tropical Storm named Eta. The storm first passed by Cuba, which was a good thing. Cuba has tiny mountains. They were useful enough to weaken the Tropical Storm before it came to South Florida. This Tropical Storm did a number on Mexico. I pray that God helps the Mexicans from the Riviera Maya. I like Mexico, and the Mexicans. They don’t let folks mess with them. That is something worth respecting. In any case, Tropical Storm Eta also brought flooding to Florida. I guessed that it could cause problems in South...

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Those who are not familiar with my work might be surprised by this post. Who am I kidding? You folks already know what I am all about. Anyhow, brother person has been taking lowering weight seriously. The dieting not so much. Dieting is hard. This Friday we had pizza. Since he went up three pounds, he took drastic measures. Most folks would throw up, but that is not the healthy way to lose weight quickly. The quickest way to loose weight is to garden. Two hours of shoveling dirt was enough to burn those calories. In order to avoid overheating,...

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Today, I got back from a mini vacation with my family. We went to the Eden Roc in Miami Beach.   With a skeleton staff, it was passable at best. At least the rooms were cheap. We ended up not getting our room cleaned once while we stayed there. The amenities were all fine and dandy. The TV had HBO, and we saw a lot of terrible movies. The only decent movie was The Last Unicorn.  The beds were cruel mistresses. We ended up going home early because of them. When the bedsheets are sturdier than the pillows, then you...

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A couple of weeks ago, I started a new playthrough of the Hollow Knight. It was all going well till I ended up needing precise controlling. The pro controller was no help at all. I got tired of buying new Nintendo controllers for the Switch. It got to such a point that I was about to spend more money on controllers than on the actual console. This is what sparked me to look for a different Hobby. I don’t need Nintendo to amuse myself. I can play with dolls instead. Two week ago, I started experimenting with stop motion. In...

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