About Art Beads

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Art Beads is a collection that focuses on beads and jewelries. The real version is mainly a type of supplier. A little like yours truly, the Artsy Sister. They started their business around 17 years ago. It is all family run. The founders are Devin and Cynthia Kimura. One day, the started to change their focus to handmade jewelry. This is where the idea of doing the whole Art beads started. At first it was small, but then they grew. Then again, this is the natural progression of things. I would not be talking about them if they did not have a semblance of growth. The supplies mainly found in this section is everything needed to make your custom made jewelry.

They were all collected somewhat in a hurry. I was not too much in the mood of making specific brands. As such, I had all the brands found in Art Beads under the same umbrella. It seemed like the easiest thing to do. Art Beads does have its own specific items, but I preferred to focus on the raw materials needed to make one’s own jewelry. Considering all the branding, I prefer to just group things by bulks. I am not a big fan of having a specific collection with only just 5 items inside of them. This is just now the way I like to roll, you know. Now that you have an idea of what the Artsy Sister’s Art beads collection is all about, let us move on with our life.

All in all, this sums up as “I did not think this one through!!!” At least, I do have some semblance of honesty to just say it as all. Since I am a one man, I mean a one woman’s show, as far as this product gathering is concerned, this collection will remain as it is. All that should matter you is that I have the subcategories all nicely tagged and organized. Finding specifically what you are looking for should always be a priority one. Mainly, I just wanted to have a Jewelry making section for my Artsy Sister website. I thought it needed a craft section, and Jewelry making falls under the umbrella of craft works. The sets are for both adults and kids. They work dandy for most skill levels.