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Saturnastra Chalon

Saturnastra Chalon

Teresita Blanco


Saturnastra Chalon Author: Blanco, Teresita Binding: Kindle Edition Format: Kindle eBook Number Of Pages: 164 Chalon is about the 11th book in

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Author: Blanco, Teresita

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 164

Chalon is about the 11th book in the series or maybe the 12th. Ahi ended up being two books. This book has its own unique type of gimmick, like the others. I tried to make this book in a way that it takes place all in a day. I read that there was a book that takes place all in a day. I forget the name of it. Chalon explores a day in the life of a character. The Book takes day during the course of one day.The problem was that the book jumped from character to character. Mine focuses only on Chalon. You get a fairly good idea of his entire life story in a day. The book has a couple of horror elements here and there. Aside from a silly jump scare, there is not much to fuzz about as far as scary stuff. Still, I might be wrong about it. I tend to write scary stuff without meaning to. As for Chalon, he works with a traveling troupe of musicians, and actors. From time to time, merchants join his caravan. There is safety in numbers. The book focuses on a typical show day, with practices before the night falls, and other minor errands to run. Along the way, there are problems that arise that Chalon needs to address. Some of those problems even take him into prison. The story takes place in Sassari. It is a city that was lightly touched upon in Melina. In the book Melina, you find out about the palace life. This book covers the happenings of normal folks who are not royalty. I also added some action here and there just for kicks. Folks like violence in their books often. The prison scene is also a bit of a nightmare fuel. At least, my brother seems to think so. As with most of my books, I need to write a pretty long-winded introduction. The book also comes with a second introduction written by a character from a different book of mine. The chapters are each time slots. I move up a chapter, every time a long scene happens. It seemed like a good way to segment the book. All in all, the entire book is just one long scene, with short demarcations. Folks seem to like chapters a lot. It prevents the readers from getting desperate. As of lately, the writing progress has been a lot slow. There is plenty on my mind. If you are reading this, then I must inform you that it was written in the year 2020. The book itself is actually a lot older. Publications take time, and a lot of editing. Usually, the long-winded introductions come later. At the moment, I am struggling to finish the final book in the series, Rimaru. I am also starting to translate the short story book to Spanish.It is important to try out different markets. The English one is sadly not going as well as I would hope. I wonder if English speakers read anymore. I suppose if it is not in video game format, then folks will not bother with it. Even movies and TV shows are going the day of the dodo. The video game industry is just swallowing everything up. This is more a pity for traditional media like books. When I get a chance, I should get around to making audiobooks. I can read my books fine. I usually read books to my sweet mother. She uses up most of her eyes at work. When she gets home, she is rather strained and so I read the books to her. Sometimes, I even read to her book written in English. I do this by translating the books as I read them. It is useful for folks who want to practice translations, without trying to jot things down. Spanish is a complicated language. The main problem is the notation. I need to remember where all the little marks go on the vowels. It is a real pain, and folks are mean to you if you get it wrong.

Release Date: 16-12-2020

Languages: english

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