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Saturnastra: Rimaru

Saturnastra: Rimaru

Teresita Blanco


Saturnastra: Rimaru Author: Blanco, Teresita Binding: Kindle Edition It was late autumn in the city of Aragon. It was raining as usual,

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Author: Blanco, Teresita

Binding: Kindle Edition

It was late autumn in the city of Aragon. It was raining as usual, and there was a certain acrid scent coming from the water canals. Efforts had been made in the past to clean then, but they just got dirty again. These days the Lord did not bother wasting resources in a problem that did not seem to have any possible solution. In one of the many ancient sewers that fed into the canals, there was a farmer digging a tunnel. The tunnel led to one of the castles of the previous Lord of Aragon Lio. The man was alive and well, but nobody could even trust him with their slippers. It is a curious saying. The whole slipper thing was based on a folk story of the region. There once was a shoemaker and his son. One day, the shoemaker had to go on a quick errand. He left his son to keep an eye on the slippers he was making. What did the boy do? Well, he played with the slippers with his dog. With the shoes ruined, the family entered the poorhouse, and the dog was dissected to recover the diamond pieces he had swallowed. Ever since then, the slipper story was used to describe people’s level of untrustworthiness. Regardless, the farmer boy was digging away. He figured that in the old castle there must have been a basement. In the reconstructed site, there was only a memorial for those who died in a freak accident that nobody seemed willing to talk about. As the boy progressed with his tunnel, his pike eventually struck a solid surface...

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 164

Release Date: 22-03-2021

Languages: English

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