Student Grade Art Supplies

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This collection focuses on school supplies. These are the types of items you buy for your children to go to school with. Also, the novice level of art supplies can also be found here. They are super cheap, and for the most part they are safe for kids to use. The main collections here are Crayola and Paper Mate. These you can normally find in any store. I went a step further, and added just about all the product these companies have invented. Most people are familiar with Crayola crayons. However, did you know that they also have a nice collection of coloring pencils. These are great for kids going back to school. They will be able to make so much progress with the proper learning tools.

Expand their minds, and keep your wallet in one piece with these affordable classroom art supplies. If you are also an art teacher, this is were to buy your gear. You can find here classroom packs for any sort of medium, both painting and drawing. It sucks that they make you buy your own supplies. It is for this reason I collected this for the art teacher on a shoe string budget. So, if you are a student or an art teacher, this is where to buy your back to school art supplies. I also added some higher quality school supplies. Some better brands like Sakura also produced school packs. So, if you are itching to see what students use in Japan, you can find some Sakura classroom packs.