About LOL Surprise!

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LOL surprise is a toy line that belongs to MGA entertainment. I thought I would add it to my Kawaii goods. It seemed like a decent  idea. Then again, I am making up things as I go along. I am just a bit bored around the edges with most Art Supplies.

I thought I would diversify my goods. Like you people know, I am a bit childish. This is well noted with by Dollchan being featured in all the product goods. Anyhow, LOL Surprise toy line started in December 2016.

It was the number one surprise doll of last year. Anyhow, I got them cause they look cute. Most of them resemble chibies. As of now, I am thinking of opening a youtube account. I want to make it different from my other one. I am going to make a bunch of how to videos and whatnot. Hopefully, you will find them humoring.

The featured photos are of the current set I own. It came with about 14 different dolls. Each of them is unique and entertaining. The dolls come without an attire, so you can dress them up. Recently, the company added taller dolls. The hands are quite flexible to allow for a perfect fit. I hope you like.