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The Furies Vol 7 - read for free

Teresita Blanco


The Furies Vol 7 - read for free Read for free here - buy physical copy on amazon Author: Blanco, Teresita Binding: Kindle Edition Format: Kindle eBook

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Read for free here - buy physical copy on amazon

Author: Blanco, Teresita

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Release Date: 20-01-2021

Languages: English


In this volume, Gilgamesh and Kida get revived. Gilgamesh is already up and about. Kida did not truly die. Still, she was badly wounded when she exploded into a million pieces. Only her large mutated hand survived. With that hand, the Powers were able to reconstruct her. As luck would have it, Gil and Kida end up being thankless jerks to the Powers who revived them. As punishment they get spirited away to the worse type of hell hole imaginable. The story now focuses on Gil and Kida imprisoned in an asylum full of crazy people. Kida has already started to lose it, and she resorts to eating rats, even though she really doesn't need to eat, cause she is a Goddess. Eventually, Gil and Kida escape with help. They then encounter familiar faces. The boss battle in this volume is against Cthulhu, the unpronounceable. As with most HP Lovecraft monstrosities he has been there with them since their time in the asylum. The question is who among them is the bad, weird ancient one. As you all know, Ancient Ones are a step higher up the food chain than a Goddess like Kida, and a Demi-Human like Gil. I choose Demi human cause Gilgamesh is more God, than human. In any case, I hope you find this new volume of the Furies amusing. I worked really hard in the European armors, and wizard outfits. There is also a mini Hydra battle, which is fun, and tons of odd jokes and weird painting references. Seriously, you need like an art degree to catch all the painting references I do in all my mangas. So, onto the next volume. Yes, there is going to be a next volume. The general theme is slightly hinted at in between chapter pages. Can you guess what the next volume is going to be about?

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