Homemade Body Butter: How

Homemade Body Butter: How to Make the Best Whipped Body Butter. 100% Natural Recipes and Beauty Tips for Softer, Smoother and Brighter Skin. (Bonus: DIY Body Scrubs, Masks and More)

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Homemade Body Butter: How to Make the Best Whipped Body Butter. 100% Natural Recipes and Beauty Tips for Softer, Smoother and Brighter Skin. (Bonus: DIY Body Scrubs, Masks and More) Author: Bailey, JuliaBinding: HardcoverNumber Of Pages: 96Release Date: 29-12-2020Details: Are you tired of spreading chemicals all over yourself, and you

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Author: Bailey, Julia

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 96

Release Date: 29-12-2020

Details: Are you tired of spreading chemicals all over yourself, and you want to switch to natural, quality alternatives? Would you like to find out how to save hundreds of euros every year in moisturizing products by learning how to make them in a few minutes, from the comfort of your own home? If you also want to discover how to have beautiful skin that's chemical-free, then keep reading. After a nice shower or a relaxing bath, moisturizing your skin with essential oils or good body cream is essential: you often deprive yourself of this habit which, besides being important for your health, is also one of the few moments of the day that allows you to pamper yourself and dedicate time exclusively to yourself. But what is the best body butter? In the market, there are many creams for every skin type, and in a range of prices. However, the healthiest creams are those that contain only natural ingredients and are free of chemicals such as paraffin and other petroleum derivatives. Still, they are much expensive, and it would cost an arm and a leg if we were to buy every single beauty product we need. Do you know that most of the cream's ingredients are filled with chemicals hazardous to our skin, body, and health? ⚠ These substances tend to create an occlusive barrier on the skin, which, while on the one hand prevents the loss of water, on the other hinders the normal physiological activities of the skin. ★ The vegetable oils and butter in natural emollient creams, on the other hand, do not alter the functions of the skin and also promote the absorption of other ingredients present in the cosmetics. So, if you love natural body care, you want to learn how to make the most effective natural cosmetics for your daily beauty in a simple, fast and fun way, but you don't know where to start, this guide is for you. From this book, you will learn: ✓ How to make by yourself, with your own hands, the best whipped body butter, and others products for your body care, starting from 100% natural raw materials and the best quality, so that you can immediately enjoy the benefits of natural homemade cosmetics; ✓ How to make Body Scrub ✓ How to make Organic Face Moisturizer and Organic Facial Skin Toner Recipes ✓ Facial Scrubs Recipes ✓ Beauty Tips and Tricks for Softer, Smoother, and Brighter Skin. But you will learn also: ✓ To read and understand the substances present in commercial cosmetics, to avoid those not very beneficial to your next purchase and become a conscious consumer; ✓ What are the most effective natural alternatives for your daily beauty routine to free yourself forever from addiction to retail products, save money and gain health; ✓ You will find out what are the tricks to obtain a complete success of homemade beauty preparations, to make high-quality products in complete safety and full respect of the environment. I would like to assure you that with this book, you will never have to worry about beauty and cosmetics. It will help you reduce the cost of various products that are full of chemicals and will not be as effective as natural ingredients that will moisturize and revitalize even the driest skin... All you have to do is make sure you follow each step correctly, and you will get excellent results. So, if you want to respect your body and nature, let's dive right in and explore how to make the best whipped body butter.

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Languages: English

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