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How to Make Multi Colored Aromatic Healing Soaps: Learn to add Vibrantly Natural Colors and Scent to your Homemade Soaps

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How to Make Multi Colored Aromatic Healing Soaps: Learn to add Vibrantly Natural Colors and Scent to your Homemade Soaps Author: Russell, AllyBrand: Createspace Independent Publishing PlatformEdition: 1Binding: PaperbackNumber Of Pages: 132Release Date: 05-12-2017Details: Product Description How to Make Multi

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Author: Russell, Ally

Brand: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 132

Release Date: 05-12-2017

Details: Product Description How to Make Multi Colored Aromatic Healing Soaps Learn to add Vibrantly Natural Colors and Scent to your Homemade Soaps There are plenty of books on the marketplace that show you how to make soap at home. Making soap is not a rocket science, with just a handful of ingredients you can make a variety of soaps right at home. But there is no such book that shows you how to make your homemade soap dazzle with vibrant colors and has truly sensual aroma. Soap that is like no other handmade soaps, soap that stands out among every other soap not only for their rich and lush color but for their aromatic scent that is as natural and healing as pure essential oil. Yes! In this book, my primary goal is to show you the ways you can make your home creations vibrantly colorful and uniquely aromatic that all your senses would wake up and salute your creativity. Most importantly, your creations will stand out among all the other home-based soap makers, and everyone will be able to identify your unique blend of color and aroma. Anyone can learn and make some soaps at home in just a few hours, but if you are planning to sell your soap at the local craft store or make gift baskets or even trying to build a brand around it, don’t you want your creation to be unique that when people see them, smell them they will know right away that is yours and yours only? Think about a brand such as Armani or Angel, when you smell their perfume; you may identify them right away by their name. Similarly, when you see a Burberry scarf or a handbag, you will know right away that it is a Burberry right? How? Because they have something unique about their look or aroma. In soap making, we are lucky; we don’t have to pick one or the other, we can have both aroma and color to make our own soaps uniquely distinguish and different from the rest. Once you achieve that uniqueness, you just created a brand all for yourself. Adding color or adding scents to your soap is an art and in this book, I show you how to be that artist. It is again not a rocket science, as long as you understand the basics of color wheels and the essential oil and how they act and react with each other, you will become the master soap crafter. This Book is Divided into Three Parts. In Part -1: I start with the basics of soap making using the 3 most popular methods. I show you the ingredients and the equipment you will need to get started and lastly I shared a few basic soap making recipes. In Part -2: I show you how to add rich and lush colors to your soap. This part is where the fun starts. Pay attention to the color wheel images so you can visualize various colors. You will learn how to add color from all natural herbs, plants, and other naturally sourced ingredients. This is also where you will learn, how to mix and match colors and how to create various color combinations. In Part -3: In this last part, my goal is to show you how to make your soap smell heavenly. We will do it all with all natural and therapeutic healing essential oil and other natural herbs only, no artificial stuff here. This is the section where you will learn what goes into what and what does not. Once you understand the basics, then you can create your own unique scent that is identifiable as yours only. Bonus Materials: How to craft and create attractive packaging for your homemade soaps. For more information, feel free to look through the Table of Contents. About the Author My name is Ally Russell, I live in Louisville, KY with husband and two daughters. I am a pharmacist by professional but my passion has always been in crafting especially in soap and candle making. Please forgive me, I am not very good at talking about myself also not sure what else to add on here. Maybe once I gather some more confidence, I will come back and add more.

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