Marduke (Saturnastra)

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Teresita Blanco


Marduke (Saturnastra) Author: Teresita Blanco Number Of Pages: 376 Publisher: Independently published Release Date: 21-09-2019 Details: There comes a time when a

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Author: Teresita Blanco

Number Of Pages: 376

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 21-09-2019

Details: There comes a time when a reader must turn into a writer. For most of my adolescence, I was reading a large range of books. Most of them focuses on fantasy. One day, I started to grow bored of them. It seemed to me that the entire genre was just repeating itself. It was then when I decided to write my own fantasy book. By then, I had already some experience with writing. I had just finished my long poetry series, and I had a couple of short stories under my belt. It seemed like the right time to jump into a longer project. This was when I conceived my Saturnastra series. I have been working on the series all throughout college. Even though I graduated from Journalism, I still kept up with my fantasy book series. Even tonight, I will be adding more to the 10th book in the series. The front cover I painted it myself. It features my protagonist Marduke sitting on the empty throne of the King. Despite being fantasy, my story has a tad bit of horror elements blended in there. It wasn’t my idea to have a horror scene. Rather, I noticed it when I was reading it to my editor. My dear brother asked me, “Why did this turn into a horror movie?” I did not have an answer for him. It just happened. Aside from horror, there are some comic elements. I cannot point them out per say. Rather, I tend to be randomly funny. I only notice when I read some of the scenes out loud, and my brother cannot help but chuckle. This first book sums up my ideas of everything that a fantasy book should have. This includes a dragon, a magic guy, army battles, demons, and a male Sphinx. As for the target age group, there really isn’t one. When I write, I do not have a target audience. I only write the type of book that I would enjoy reading. I can at least say that I avoid one particular type of scene that have become so common place in today’s fantasy books. Why is the book series called Saturnastra? Saturn is a familiar planet we all know and loved. 

EAN: 9781694774583

Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.8 x 0.9 inches

Languages: English

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