Saturnastra Chicot

Saturnastra Chicot

Teresita Blanco


Saturnastra Chicot Author: Teresita BlancoNumber Of Pages: 135Publisher: Independently publishedRelease Date: 12-11-2018Details: Preface Chicot is the sixth book in my fantasy series.

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Author: Teresita Blanco

Number Of Pages: 135

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 12-11-2018

Details: Preface Chicot is the sixth book in my fantasy series. You can read them whichever way you please. It will not change too much the understanding of the whole. The books are designed to be their own stand alone work. Still, depending on the order you choose, you may miss a few key details. Chicot explains the source of the weapons that were key in the story of Melina. He is a craftsman, and he made tools both for war and for peace. He was mostly known in Saturnastra for his weapons for war. This book is his story. I find that a person who makes a weapon is just as interesting as the guy who wields it. Without skilled weaponsmith, people today would be fighting with clubs. This story also explains in detail how the guild system works. Guilds tend to get put on a pedestal in most fantasy books. They were never painted in their true corrupted colors. Chicot’s main issue with them was that apprentices had to work free for a period of time, before getting their Journeyman license. Nobody in their right mind should, ever, ever work for free. IntroductionChicot is another one of my books told from a down to earth perspective. It is a bit of a fantastic biography. The book is told from the perspective of a character within the story. While Melina’s story was obtained from numerous interviews, Chicot’s story was put together by someone who grew up with him. Jozef paints all the different faces of Chicot. Since he is not a professional biographer type of person, Jozef only tells things as he sees it. As you read the book, you will realize that Jozef is not the most reliable narrator. Unreliable narrators is kind of my thing. Every human has its own biased, and Jozef is not different with that matter. Still, he is not the type of person to downplay Chicot’s flaws. As far as flaws are concerned, Chicot has many of them. This is just part of designing a well-rounded type of person. This writing style also helps ground this fantasy story by limiting the point of view. As with most

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