Saturnastra Monkey King

Saturnastra Monkey King

Teresita Blanco


Saturnastra Monkey King Author: Teresita BlancoNumber Of Pages: 155Publisher: Independently publishedRelease Date: 01-12-2018Details: Preface I think this is the eight book in the

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Author: Teresita Blanco

Number Of Pages: 155

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 01-12-2018

Details: Preface I think this is the eight book in the series. When you write so much, you tend to lose track at a certain point. Then again, I think I should number the books. The reason I have not done so is because you can read the books in any particular order. Only Ahi has a true sequel. The rest are parallel novels. They take place in the same world, but at different times and places. Monkey King takes place 4 years after the main stories. He has returned to Saturnastra for reasons he does not want to get into. The first time he visited was to complete a specific mission. Now, he is going to live there. The book is not about THE Monkey King. It is just what his people call him. One day, all the apes in the Lusitania Peninsula started becoming sentient. Their bodies also started changing as well. Money King became the ruler of this new sentient race. The book focuses on his empire building. IntroductionMonkey King is Ahi’s twin. Somewhere in their development, Ahi became a powerful dragon while Monkey King became a magic user. He is unique in so much as he can also bless and curse people. This ability is usually reserved for priests. Unlike most of his brothers, Monkey King has ideals of grandeur. While his brother Marduke is closing up his Kingdom, Monkey King is trying to expand it. This is easier said than done, for someone as fussy as Monkey King. Officially, he does not have a name. When he got adopted by the local apes, they named him Able. He was named Able because of the things he was able to do. The book features quite the number of army battles. I also start defining the sea portion of the continent. This is the first book where I have a fully trained magic user as the main character. I hope you find his magic quite entertaining.

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Languages: English

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