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This is just about all the bird related dresses I am willing to share. I will eventually make a fancy coffee table book featuring them. Look forward to this little project of mine. I finally got around to publishing my book Monkey King. He is not the monkey king. Rather, his people call him that. His real name is Able. He is called so, because he is able to do many things. The purpose of this book is the make monkeys cool again. The only monkeys I do not like are the common humans. They have been rather boring as...

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This is another pair of dresses that I am working on. Before getting back to it, I want to finish my pose book. It is going to feature a bunch of maidens doing poses. As of lately, I am a bit annoyed. Some of the archaic words I use, recently got very bad meanings. As such, I have to think twice before using them. I learned English by reading old books. I never bothered to read much of anything from this century. The last modern book I read was the Harry Potter books. I also read Ramona the Pest, Goosebumps,...

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I am usually practicing drawing and the like. As of lately, I wanted to give a whack at designing my own dresses. I read enough fashion books. I have a pretty decent idea as to how to go about it. The last thing that remains is the final details, and the model. I do not have a physical world type of model. I am also not a sewing type of person. What I have planned is making a book featuring a bunch of drawings of maidens in elegant dresses. As of now, I have like 40 dresses. I already exhausted...

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This dancer was also part of the Salammbo paintings. Her outfit is an odd oriental and Hindu blend. The pattern of the skirt is my own design. It is nothing too out of the ordinary. It is better than nothing. The flowers also work just as well. The original Salammbo was said to be Carthaginian, which is a bit like a Roman. This maiden is neither Roman or Carthaginian.  People did not care back then. All that matters is that the maiden looks adorable. These days people go crazy with being historically accurate. Some go a step further and even...

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