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About Art Sets

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Art sets comes in all different shapes and sizes. My website has just about all types of art sets, for both painters and illustrators. I also have sets for digital artist. Just about every art brand has a large, value pack set. If you are working with a budget, I suggest you get a set from US Art Supplies. They specialize on art sets. My first painting set I got it from those fellows. It came with everything needed to do watercolor, oil, and acrylics. For more expensive art sets, you can get Winsor and Newton. For kids art sets, there is the vendor Art 101. Royal and Langnickel is another good option, for students who are learning how to draw. My first art pencil I got it from Royal and Langnickel. These and many other art vendors can be found in Artsy Sister. I am just looking to give you the best value, and variety. The right art set, is the one you find useful. What is useful to a fellow, varies from person to person. I hope you find the right fit for you.