Artist Grade

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This collection features some of the finest art supplies on the market. They are designed for professionals only, though novices can use them, if they have a mind to do so. These are not the type for practicing, rather they are for making masterpieces. If you already know what you are doing, this is the collection for you. It has everything from drawing, to painting supplies. You can also buy professional grade drawing tablets and laptops as well. Most brands have some level of professional grade art supplies. I have looked through them, and set these babies aside, just for professionals. As far as drawing is concerned, I recommend Sakura. This brand has the best professional grade mangaka pens. If you are a traditional fellow, I suggest you try Winsor and Newton, in addition to Derwent. These are the go to brands for traditional painting and drawing. Prismacolor is another good option. As far as drawing tablets are concerned, I prefer Wacom. My brother has been using them for years. Even older models are compatible with modern day computers. It is my hope that you find this useful, and that you continue to improve your artistic skills. There comes a time when the art supplies you buy in Publix just doesn't cut it. This is where artist grade art supplies come in. Sure, artist grade does mean expensive. Still, there is a healthy mix of professional grade materials available at Artsy Sister. The majority of the supplies here will not cause you to bankrupt. Yes, they are of higher quality, but this doesn't mean more expensive, except if you are buying Copic. Copic always costs an arm and a leg. Still, the quality does show in the final results.