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About Artsy Sister's Choice

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Behold! There are my Artsy Choices. These are the actual products that I own and have used. I owned these products before I started Artsy Sister, so you can tell I am a good egg. I bought all of them on Amazon, or at least a good portion of them. They were delivered timely, right when you needed them. It was a lot cheaper to buy them through here, than to go to a store in the real world. Most of the products featured here are almost practically from the same companies. Once I find something that works for me I tend to get married to it. As such, my Artsy choices are limited, but time proven. If you want to use the same art supplies that I use, you will find them below. I also took plenty of pictures of them. In some of the photos I featured my inspirational Doll Dollchan, just for a bit of variety. So, at least you can rest easy and know that these art supplies work well for at least an actual human being, made of flesh and blood. Unlike, my competition that endorse things that were not even tested on monkeys.