Azone International

I was in the progress of organizing my database a bit, and so I decided to get Azone its own collection in my store.  I already had a bunch of their dolls in my store. They were under the bjd doll department.

Anyhow, now you can find these pretty dolls here in this doll collection. As you may not know, Azone is one of the biggest fashion doll companies in Japan. They mainly specialize in bjd dolls with cute anime faces.

Their designs are usually rather small and cute. As of lately, they have been marking larger bjd dolls. These dolls are all collectibles and based on anime shows. One of their first lines of dolls was the Ex Cute Series.

Over the years, the Ex Cute series has expanded. The new dolls of the collection have better articulated bodies for better posing. Aside form the dolls, they also produces clothing and accessories.

Some of the titles of the dolls are in Japanese, but these items have been known to ship to the US if the manufacturer says Azone International. I hope this information helps you to make an informed purchasing decision.