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This collection mainly features a bunch of instructional books and coloring books. Both are useful tools for artists, and hobbyists alike. The first one is for learning, and the second one is for relaxation as well as for practicing. For the instructional books, I chose books that I normally use or have used in the past. The ones featured in the photos are the ones I am currently using. I also have a couple of books that are of my own publication. You can check those out as well. As I complete more books, you will see them added to this collection. Aside from these two, I also included books written by the main brands featured on this website. Most brands normally make art supplies. Still, there are a couple that also have their own publications.

For those who do anime drawings, Copic has an interesting collection of instructional books. I also have books that teach you how to sew certain things, and other crafty projects as well. By now, you may be aware that I added a bunch of craft supplies. Once I am done with their collections, they will be more prominently featured. If they are already featured, then I must have already gotten around to it. Managing an entire website by my lonesome, is a bit of a tough, but rewarding. So, if you like instructional art books, this is the collection for you. It is my hope that you find this reading materials useful. As for the coloring books, they range from childish to grown up. So, if you still like coloring books, I have one just for you. If you need to get one for your kid, do also pay me a visit.