Electronic Pens

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Stylus pens are an excellent tool for drawing on your touch screen. Others need a drawing tablet to function. The one featured here is the Stylus pen for the Surface Pro. It is one of those new computers tablets designed by Microsoft. It runs really well with photoshop. Microsoft also has its own drawing software. From my experience, it s more gimmicky than useful. If you are going to do digital drawing, combine Microsoft computers with Photoshop. Then again, I tend to get married to certain things. I will always prefer Microsoft computers, instead of Apples. Well, this is more about the pens than anything else. The stylus pen is super responsive. It is also pressure sensitive, so it is good for people who like to do sketches. The top of the pencil is also registered as an eraser, so that is kind of cool. I would recommend it. It is the ideal tool for all digital artist and mangaka artists.