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This collection has all the tablets and laptops that are designed for drawing. I just decided to have them all together in a nice little bulk. It makes it easier to browse through them. The tablets come in two forms as well. There is the computer tablet, and those who are a drawing computer tab. My brother is the one who uses the tablets to draw on his computer. I am more of a pencil pusher myself. I prefer to draw in the real world. Still, I do acknowledge that digital art is a true and valuable thing. Even if your drawing only exist digitally it has value. You can always print it and sign it. The photographers do a similar thing with their photos. They print series and then sign them. You can also print it on a canvas. Either way, I consider digital art a real thing. I hope to provide the best digital art drawing mediums on the market. I am also aware of the budget problems. As such, I have both on the cheap, and on the more expensive end. Not everyone is made of money, and even people on a shoe string budget can make something great. It is for this reason that I hope you find this collection of electronic tools useful.