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Erasers are good for erasing stuff. It is a little bit redundant and the like. If you are using a pencil, you do need an eraser. Mistakes are made all the type and they must be corrected. Erasers were at times called correctors. Not, really, I am just trying to ramble a bit about erasers. There are different brands of erasers. I personally prefer Pentel. They work well with just about any type of pencil. Before erasers, people used to use pieces of wax to erase charcoal. The first rubber eraser was invented in 1770 by Edward Nairne. The rest is history. Now, erasers are so common that practically all art venders have their own line of erasers. Some do work better than others. I have made an effort to collect all types of erasers. I hope to have provided an eraser that works well just for you.