Ink Pens

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It seems a bit redundant to say ink pens. Still, there are pens that do not contain ink. This collection is only for people who want traditional ink pens, like the fountain type of pens and the like. I do so hope you find this collection rather useful and the like. They are designed for writing and lettering. They can also be used for drawings and stuff. A good bulk of them belong to the Sakura Collection. Sakura is a vender from Japan. They produce some of the highest quality of pens on the market. Tombow is another good source of art pens. I hope you find this collection useful and the like. Pens are just lovely, don’t you think. Some are just cute, like if you want to give a fellow a gift or something like it. I was always quite happy to receive a proper ink pen and the like. Maybe I am just an artsy type of person.  I am the artsy sister after all.