M ang G is an interesting pen brand. I chose to add it because I liked the gel pens. I bought my first gel pens from the company. I used them vary sparingly because I though they were so special. It is a bit silly now that I think about objectively. Then again, this was like a decade ago. I also like the normal ink pens. The ones with the mustaches make me smile. It is important to smile when trying out to paint or draw. Painting with a bad mood leads to frustration or the creation of a Jackson Pollock painting. Needless to say, Pollock is not my cup of tea. I prefer artworks that look like something. More recently, I bought a dual sided brush markers of M&G. I have been making use of them for my fashion illustrations. I am not one to read magazines, I prefer to study fashion through books, instead of magazines. Have you seen the types of clothing they try to sell you lately? What a mess? Where they designed by aliens? I have gone on a tangent. The centerfold of my argument is that M&G markers are cool.