Pencil Leads

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Pencil leads are needed to work with mechanical pencils. Without the leads, mechanical pencils are just a hunk of plastic. There are different types of pencil leads. Normally, you find in the store the classical HB lead. Still, there are different types with different hues available from different companies. I feel like I am using the world different a lot. This is all pretty obvious if you think about it. Just about any company that sells a mechanical pencil also sells the lead. I personally prefer Bazic lead. It is made of ceramic. I have been using this lead for quite some time. It is very durable, and I tend to stab at the paper when I am drawing. I need a lad that doesn’t break on me. This is why I prefer Bazic. I also included a bunch of other lead brands. I hope you find the one you like best.  I also have coloring pencil leads.