About Royal & Langnickel

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The Royal and Langnickel company was founded in the 1950s. They have been making art brushes and other art set since then. The company is currently in Munster, IN. They also produce makeup brushes. However, they are better known for their art products. Their best product in my opinion is the pencil. I have been making use of their pencils since High School. I got my first set of Royal and Langnickel as part of a secret Santas. I was always drawing on the side of my notebooks. The teacher decided to get me a sketchbook and pencil so I would stop doing that. It is the first well thought gift I ever got from a stranger. These pencils gave me a wide range of shades for my early drawings. They are perfect for both novice and advance artists. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive artist grade pencil, Royal and Langnickel is the brand for you.