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Sharpeners is something that all people who draw have and use. It is very rare for a sharpener to lose their edge. When it does happen, it is time to replace them. I suppose there is nothing else to be said about sharpeners. They are useful and the like. In the old days, knifes were used to sharpen pencils. For our purposes, that is a bit dramatic. The first sharpener was invented in 1828. Many different types of sharpeners arose all over the world. It just seemed like a good idea at the time as any to invent the device. It was surprising that it took so long for the modern pencil sharpener to acquire its first basic form. Artsy Sister sells many different types. You can even find the ones you see at your school, as well as the mechanical ones. I also have a couple that have cute designs and the like. I hope that you find it useful. Hopefully, you will find a sharpener that does not crack with your pencil leads. They are so commonplace now, that people do not put thought into picking the right sharpener. I mean, if the sharpener breaks the lead, every time, I think it is about time to change it.