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It was bound to happen sooner, or later. Behold! The Totally amassing banjo. Nice, sturdy, and with a sweet lyrical sound. Yes, I admit it. I love the banjo. Everyone alive should play the banjo. The banjo was invented by the slaves in the 17th century, in the Caribbean. It was invented by folks from West Africa. It eventually made its way to North America in the 18th century. The earliest depiction of the banjo is from an old 1795 painting. It is called The Old Plantation by John Rose. The word banjo is derived from the Kimbundu word Mbanza....

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I finally got around to making another Valentine’s Day themed drawing. This one features a couple dancing tango. I thought it was an interesting romance type of anime drawing. I used a photograph as reference. I then changed the humans for anime characters of my own design. I also changed the color of the tuxedo from black to blue. I think the blue tuxedo adds a little bit of color to the anime drawing. As with these types of marker drawings, they come with a Youtube video. They are going to be embedded in Artsy Sister as soon as I...

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This is my newest anime drawing featuring an unusual musical instrument. This one is called the autoharp. The autoharp has the unique ability to play chords. By pressing the buttons on the front, you can mute all, but the strings you want to play. There is plenty of debate as to who invented the autoharp. Two different German inventors patented the autoharp, around the same time 1883. One was called Charles F. Zimmermann. He patented in the US in 1882. The other fellow was Karl August Gutter. He panted his autoharp in 1883, in the UK. The one that most...

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Sometimes, it is fun to draw something funny, even if it is not too original. This is why I did this Among US Thing From Another World parody. Among Us has a lot of similarities with the movie The Thing. I just thought both concepts would work together in a silly funny drawing. I also did a video showing you how I made the drawing. I will embed it in the blog once it is finished. I try to do such silly drawings every once in a while. I want to keep things phresh, with a ph. The Among Us...

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I was thinking of what new image to show you. I figured I would post a raw image from my Scary Cat children’s book. This one is from volume 1. It is called Scary Cat and the Search for the Ooohh. Once I finished that last Furies manga, I am going to get started on the third volume of my Scary Cat kids book. It is just so funny the different between Scary Cat and the Furies. It is a night and day type of difference. Then again, the Furies is there to exorcise all my outside influences. I put...

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