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Yesterday, I was bored and so I decided to paint this box. I had this white box just sitting on my room looking rather boring. As such, I decided to paint something girly on it. It took about 8 hours or so to complete. I started at 3 pm and then I ended it at 1 am. On the sides I drew climbing vines and white flowers. I also painted the bottom of the box with butterflies. The first thing I drew was the delineation of the drawing with pencils.  The second thing I did was paint the borders with...

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Last night, we were moving some stuffs to remodel the kitchen. While moving plates I found this adorable little gimmick. I do not know what it is exactly. It does not open on the top. Originally this little ceramic urn, for lack of a better word, was its natural plain color. I wanted to put it in my room by it looked boring.  As such, I decided to paint it. I first read up on types of paints. I was at first going to use oil paints, but then I realized it would take a century to dry. Acrylics is...

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I first heard of Tardigrades through the documentary Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey. This little critter is one of the many micro animals that live in a water droplet. I thought it was interesting the story about it. He can survive in out of space, and does not need to eat food for a year.  I decided one day to do an acrylic painting about this little critter. He is dreaming about his time in space. I placed him inside a water droplet, since he spends most of his time there. The painting itself did not take too long. I...

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Drawing figures dancing is an interesting venture in it of itself. It is not something that can be done properly by drawing from life. It is at this point where the camera comes into play. It can capture a moment in life, while the figure is in motion. It was admirable how it was managed in the old days. Just think of how many times the little model had to twirl to help the artist. Well, old paintings had the preliminary sketches and the other sketches. Very few painters had genuine photographic memory. I only know of one that had...

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My first Blog, shows a work in progress - hope you guys like it

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