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Today, I got around to making my new Hollow Knight parody. This one took a little longer to make because I had a lot of characters to work with. I was making a parody of a painting called A Friend in Need, 1903. This painting was made by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. Coolidge did an entire painting series of Dogs playing poker. From all his poker dog paintings, I chose the one I liked best for my Hollow Knight parody. Aside from poker, Coolidge has his dogs playing pool and other betting games. In my version, I had the Hollow Knight...

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Today, I did a new Hollow Knight Painting parody. This time I was poking fun at an Edgas Degas Ballerina painting. He has more than 1500 ballerina paintings. He was born rich, but one day his family went bankrupt. To escape the poor house, Degas began to paint ballerinas like crazy. His ballerina paintings always sold well. Through them, he was able to rebuild his family fortune. Changing these Hollow Knight maidens was an easy task. Monomon’s Jellyfish body lends itself well to the ballerina anatomy. I removed her creepy coat, and I exposed her arms. For Marissa, I made...

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I did a new Hollow Knight Marilyn Monroe Parody. In this one, I am making fun of the famous Marylin Monroe photo where her skit is lifted up by a gust of wind. The wind is coming up from the sewer. So, I guess the Ninja Turtles where down there with a fan, waiting for the woman to stand on top of them. In my version, I am using Emilitia as a stand in for Marylin Monroe. This isn’t the first time I have drawn Emilitia as Marilyn. I feel that of all the Hollow Knight characters, she would be...

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Today, I got around to finishing my latest Hollow Knight parody. It was about time I poked fun at the Mona Lisa. It is the most famous painting in the world. It is also the one everyone parodies. So, here is my version. I chose the fluke hermit because she is just a mouth. With no eyes or nose, all you can do is focus on her mouth. I added the teeth into her smile. It is funny to imagine what the Mona Lisa’s teeth would look like. Back then, humans didn’t have good dental hygiene. In places like China,...

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Today, I made a new Hollow Knight painting art parody. The painting that I chose to parody is the Virgin and Child with Eight Angels by Botticelli. Botticelli is famous for his Greek paintings, but the bulk of his work were Catholic paintings. When I saw this painting, something clicked inside of me. I saw the laurel flowers and the combination of characters. They all seemed ripe for parody. Taking the place of the Virgin Mary, I have Master Grimm. He too had an immaculate conception of his Grimmchild. Surrounding Master Grimm are his eight “angels” or Grimmkin. In the...

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