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Summer has finally arrived to Florida. It has been rather warm for quite a long time. As far as the calendar is concerned, Summer is finally here. To commemorate the summer time, I wanted to do a small BJD Doll photoshoot. I did not want to be too serious about it. I just mainly wanted to show the new look of the dolls. They are going to be looking this pretty for most of the future Doll Theater episodes. In the Doll Theater video, I did a silly wig fight. I had that joke in the back of my head...

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In this stop motion, I did a little car animation. I also did a bit of paper craft to simulate the front of the car. En este video, las muñecas articuladas juegan. Los juegos que juegan son tic tac toe, un juego de nintendo, Entre nosotros, pulso y otros juegos. Encontré un coche pequeño en el patio. Esto me inspiró a hacer este video de muñecas.  

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I was bored and so I took a few doll photos. The photos work differently from the Stop Motion videos. I can get a little bit more creative with the poses. Originally, I only had time to take a few photos. In the end, I was able to take at least 50 something ball jointed doll photos. We had a visitor today. And by We, I mean my mother. She finally got her second vaccine, and she is good to go.   Since she took the Moderna Vaccine, this is the one we are going to try. I figured that...

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 Este es un video corto de Teatro do Muñecas. Finalmente pude traducir mis videos.Combiné un par de videos cortos en un episodio más largo. El primer segmento es sobre el mercado de valores. El último segmento es sobre la industria del periodismo.

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In this video, Odette joins Doll Theater. She gets an invitation and everything. She also gets a tour of Doll Theater from Bebe.  La muñeca Odette consigue un trabajo en el teatro. No a trabajado desde el 2019, so esta nerviosa.

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