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 Este es un video corto de Teatro do Muñecas. Finalmente pude traducir mis videos.Combiné un par de videos cortos en un episodio más largo. El primer segmento es sobre el mercado de valores. El último segmento es sobre la industria del periodismo.

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In this video, Odette joins Doll Theater. She gets an invitation and everything. She also gets a tour of Doll Theater from Bebe.  La muñeca Odette consigue un trabajo en el teatro. No a trabajado desde el 2019, so esta nerviosa.

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This drawing I made it for my mother. I drew myself as a little kid. Yes, that is my actual hair. It is just a super mess. I already gave up on the silly hair. Moving along, the drawing was made with markers and coloring pencils. The heart I drew it in Kawaii format. I thought it was a good idea for a Mother’s Day present. A lot of mothers like those sentimental, type of drawings. It is fun to do something like that from time to time. I am just very thankful for her support, as I try to...

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The limited doll I had preordered finally has arrived. She came with goodies as well. I ordered around February. Most folks order stuff during the Fall and on December. There was a special sale during February, and that I why I ordered the doll. For 330 bucks, she came out pretty amazing looking. It shows that you pay for what you get. Anyhow, Ha Seol has a pretty silly name. The name is silly because the name is very close to the Spanish word Aseo. The word means to clean up. The thing you clean up is usually the house....

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In this video, I added two other instruments to the music. I added the guitar and a whistle. I can whistle just fine. Now, it seems like a no brainer to add it to the music of Doll Theater. The video does not have a plot per say. I am just making little peg dolls dance, and I thought it was amusing. Since the peg dolls have different colors, in the second half of the number, I started focusing on a specific color. I started with red, and then I tried other colors. I did the video on my glass...

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