Ringdoll Tange in Polka Dot Onesie

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Ringdoll Tange in Polka Dot Onesie

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This seemed like a good a time as any to photograph my smallest doll. This allows me some liberty with the set.

I wanted to fiddle about with some magnet toys. They snap into place. I can make chairs and jungle gyms. 

It works well when playing with small little dolls. I hope that the photos I take you find amusing. 

If not, I have other dolls I can photograph next week. I am still window shopping for new Bjd dolls.

My birthday is in 3 months. I want to get a new cool one. Just a doll that is very photogenic. I will deal with it when I deal with it.

You can see the video of this dolly in my Artsy Sister Youtube channel. Please give a like and subscribe.

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