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This is a photo I took of flowers in a lobby. I was waiting to enter a restaurant inside a hotel. One can tell plenty about a place based on their attention to detail. These are true flowers. They had a faint fragrant smell, with a lovely texture as well. I like flowers, it is always nice to see the real deal instead of the plastic ones. I do not know what type of flower this is.  Lately, for my poetry books I decided to paint a fancy cover. I do not have much experience with paints. During one of...

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Bayside used to be one of my favorite places to visit. As of late, not so much. It has gotten a bit too crowded. Whenever a place gets crowded a get a bit paranoid. Normally, people would call it social anxiety. However, this being the US we have come to be suspicious in crowded area. For example, in the Dolphin Mall a douched used firecrackers to steal a watch. The people ran away in a panic. Needless to say, a couple of people got injured by a scared crowd running away. Another thing I miss about Bayside were the stores....

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While traveling to St. Augustine we stopped by  a lighthouse. I cannot remember seeing any nearby beach. I do not know why the lighthouse is there. Then again, I did not wonder much in this area. Getting on the lighthouse was like 40 or 60 bucks. I could have bought a very unresponsive drone with that money. Lately, a lot of drones and quirky military technology has been made available to the general public. Originally, vinyl records were the mainly used by the army. They were later released for making silly music. A lot of prime music are stored in...

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I was looking for something new to rant about so I settled on this display stand. All the jewelries shown there look pretty unique. I cannot say if they are valuable not. I simply passed by there and just took a photograph. Most of the time, I do not look at my old photos. I discover a lot of neat things whenever I bother to give a second look. This is one of those things. I just find this stand quite adorable looking. It is important to note that jewelry has more copyright protection that clothing. Clothing can be copied...

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In Miami Beach, I was fooling around with the camera. I decided to put on glasses on the lens and see what it looked like. Here is the results. Playing around with lens filters adds plenty of cookie effects. From time to time, they make the photo better. I cannot tell if this made the photo any better. It certainly looks differently. The skinny kite was originally blue. Now it looks like some bizarre orange. It certainly shows what it looks like when looking through sunglasses. It might be fun from time to time to try on different glasses. The...

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