30 Plus Other E-Books Free on the Kindle 3/16 to 3/17

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30 Plus Other E-Books Free on the Kindle 3/16 to 3/17

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I published a new Lovers Pentacle book. To celebrate, more than 30 of my books are going to be free on the Kindle. You do not need the Kindle Unlimited to get these free ebooks. The complete list is below:

Amazon.com: Teresita Blanco: books, biography, latest update

The Lover’s Pentacle 1-4

Gatico Miedoso y la Casa Embrujada

Gatico Miedoso y El Mimo

Gatico Miedoso va a la escuela

22 Cuentos

Primordial Chaos

My Sweet Vampire Candice

The House

The Furies V2, V9, V8, V7, V5, V3, V1, V4

Scary Cat Goes to school

Scary Cat and Birthday Mime

Scary Cat and the Missing Cellphone

Scary Cat and the Spooky Mansion

Scary Cat and the Search for the Oohh

The Chiblia V1

Sacred Mask 5, 4, 3 ,2, 1

Complete Short Stories

Saturnastra Karina

Saturnastra Deasura

Saturnastra Monkey King

Saturnastra Nalini

Saturnastra Marduke

Saturnastra Melina

Saturnastra Chicot

Saturnastra Woden

Saturnastra Rimaru

Saturnastra Chalon

Saturnastra Lamina

Saturnastra Loki

Saturnastra Ahi 1 and 2

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