How I designed the front Cover For The Lovers Pentacle

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How I designed the front Cover For The Lovers Pentacle

They say one should not judge a book by its cover. Sadly, we live in a world where the book cover is what sells the book.

Only famous writers can get away with making a terrible front cover. I bet if Steven King used a poop as a front cover, it wouldn’t cause a dent in his sales.

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For the rest of us mere mortals, a lot of consideration goes into making a front cover. The front cover has to sell you the book, without lying about its content.

I normally have three different flavors of front covers. The first type of front cover is done completely in photoshoot.

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We either combine elements or make something original. The second type I draw completely, with the exception of the title and script.

The final type of front cover relies on real world elements. I stage certain items, and then I photograph them. Other times, I dress up as the main character.

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The Lover Pentacle employs both photography, and photoshop. We used a program in order to make me look like an old hag.

The font was done to mimic the same script that appears in tarot cards. The edges of the book and my name are designed to resemble the hermit card.

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In order to take on the role of the hermit, I looked for a white outfit and turban. This is the typical attire of Cuban Witches.

I added bracelets, necklaces and rings into the mix. The final piece of the puzzle was a red background.

Red tends to draw your eye to it. So, I thought that it would work for this front cover. I think I ranted enough about the Lovers Pentacle front cover. The Lovers Pentacle: Love and Madness in South Florida eBook : Blanco, Teresita: Kindle Store

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